Helping good businesses become profitable franchises 

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The Franchise Gap is a collective of International Franchising Experts who work together to provide advice, services and support to new and established franchise networks.


The Franchise Gap is an international network of associates who are experts at developing and growing sustainable franchises. We work closely with new and existing franchisors to develop, strengthen and grow their business.

We were formed in Scotland in 2008, and since then we have expanded our reach to include associates and clients across the world. The network was formed when we realised that, whilst there were many excellent resources available for franchisees and franchisors, there aren’t many places a business can go to tap into all the skills they need at the same time.

Each of our experts have established credentials within their areas of expertise and a proven track record in franchising. They are all members of their specific governing bodies.

Our Expertise:


Local Marketing Support
Franchisee Recruitment
Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Advertising & Media

Professional Services

Legal Advice & Disputes
Franchise Agreements

Consultancy & Advice

International Expansion
Franchisee Performance
Franchise Re-Sales
Franchise Consultancy
Franchise Operations
Network Growth

Other Services

Franchise Software
Banking Advice

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