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long recognized that there may also be specific instances where no improvement is expected but skilled care is, nevertheless, required in order to prevent or slow deterioration and maintain a beneficiary at the maximum practicable level of function. For example, in the regulations at 42 CFR 409.32(c), the level of care criteria for SNF coverage specify that the . . restoration potential of a patient is not the deciding factor in determining whether skilled services are needed. Even if full recovery or medical improvement is not possible, a patient may need skilled services to prevent further deterioration or preserve current capabilities. The Medicare statute and regulations have never supported the imposition of an Standard rule of thumb in determining whether skilled care is required to prevent or slow deterioration in a patient condition. A beneficiary lack of restoration potential cannot, in itself, serve as the basis for denying coverage, without regard to an individualized assessment

15 Creative Photo Ideas 1. Surf around the Web. Look at images at magazines, papers, on line galleries and you TMll find a wealth of ideas. Another useful source is VFXY, it displays recent posts from various photoblogs. 2. Learn the visual language TM. Visit Art Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions that have photography shows. Learn art history from Antiquity to the Present and discover how highly creative people developed methods for expressing light and color. 3. Watch Movies. It is another source of inspiration, as they are nothing more than still images shown to you at 29.97 frames a second. Lots of ideas for concepts, lighting, messages, or just plain pretty images. 4. Read photography books to learn new techniques and then try to apply them in your work. 5. Look at things through the eyes of
Wholesale jerseys from China creativity. Pick anything and shoot it just to see what it looks like: things around your house, in the refridgerator, etc. The
Wholesale jerseys from China subject doesn TMt really matter all that much, what matters is how

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